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Stories from Grandparents

Stories from Grandparents

Welcome to Stories from Grandparents! This podcast is a series of conversations, stories and lessons shared about and from grandparents. No one can spill the tea quite like grandmas, and for many of us, sharing a cup of tea at our grandmother’s kitchen table is the most comfortable place in the world. That's the experience this podcast aims to create. The stories can be heartwarming, funny, sad or all of the above, depending on the grandparents!

Hosted by Robin MacEwan and Stephanie Poirier, based out of Ottawa Ontario, this podcast is recorded with Ottawa Popup Podcasting. If you are interested in interviewing your grandparent for the podcast, or sharing stories about your own grandparents, please be in touch at We can set up telephone interviews for those who do not live in the area, or you can write in your stories via email, and we can read them on the podcast.

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Podcast Art by Jillian Maracle @jandb_xo and Jessica Nantel @bombaypainco